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Swimming among the reefs and with dolphins and turtles - right here in Sedona!

You can experience that joy at Sedona Swim School in our saline pool.

All lapswims are private and by appointment only.

Sedona Swim School

Our Goal

We make water exercise and swimming Safe and Fun for All!!  Our goal for you is that you find comfort, peace, joy, and confidence in the water through the following activities:

  • Swimming lessons – private and semi-private for all ages
    ****Swimming lessons are not available for summer of 2017****

  • Fitness – aquacize, lap swimming, strength and endurance training

  • Parent & Child – private and semi-private for infants and toddlers, six months to three years, and their parents
    ****Swimming lessons are not available for summer of 2017****

  • Special Needs – assistance for those adults who have special physical or emotional needs that require more customized lessons or for which a safe, comfortable environment with exercise at an appropriate level.  These needs might include:

    • Continued exercise support after physical therapy
    • Arthritis
    • Fear of water
  • Water Safety – Instructions as an integral part of all of our programs as well as specific classes for primary grades, swim coaches, and youth group leaders needing basic water rescue.

Contact Jane now for more information or to schedule your lap swimming.


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