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Contact us now for more information or to enroll: jane@sedonaswimschool.com or 928-254-9353 (cell).

Our Pool

The Sedona Swim School operates out of a private 25-yard by eight-foot lap pool in Sedona.  The pool is saline-filtered; therefore, exposure to chlorine is extremely small.  You will not feel the need to shower and shampoo immediately after your swim.  The pool is 4 ½ feet deep at its deepest and 3 ½ feet at its shallow end where most preschool and youth instruction takes place

Sedona Swim School Pool

Sedona Swim School pool Sedona Swim School pool

As shown in the pictures, the pool is designed and decorated for fun as well as being equipped with backstroke flags and other markers for lap swimming.  Shallow steps that are tucked out of the way of lap swimmers allow most arthritic people to enter the pool safely.  The water temperature ranges, seasonally, from 80 – 85 degrees. 

Our Instructor

Jane MacKenzie (formerly Smith)

Our instructor is an American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor.  She has been a swimmer since she was six years old and a lap swimmer for over 30 years, during which time she has logged over 3000 miles. 

Jane MacKenzie, swim instructor

She has taught:

  • Brownies, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts
  • High School students
  • Community College students
  • University graduate students
  • Adults in the corporate world
Teaching is her first love, and she is delighted to combine it with her passion for swimming.
As an Arizona native, she has been coming to the Sedona area since she was an infant, but she has made it her home since February 1998.  She lives in West Sedona with her husband.

For more information about Jane MacKenzie (formerly Smith), see also:

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