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****Swimming lessons are not available for summer of 2017****


Every individual, young or old, needs to feel comfortable and safe in the water, and learning to swim is the key to that goal. 

In her lessons, Jane follows the American Red Cross method and focuses first on safety and then on teaching skills that build comfort and confidence at the appropriate level for the individual. 

  • Lessons for preschoolers focus on comfort in the water, including, but not exclusive of, the ability to put the face in the water, rhythmic bubble blowing, and front and back floats. As the child progresses, lessons build on those skills to include front and back swimming and gliding. Typically no more than two students are in these lessons. 
Sedona Swim School Lessons
  • Lessons for the older child build skills starting with those appropriate to their current level as well as their stage of physical development and continuing to skills including rhythmic breathing and the development of all strokes.  In addition, we build in distance, strength-building, and endurance for continued safety and pleasure. No more than two students are in these classes.  
Sedona Swim School Lessons
  • Lessons for adults start with the current skill level and help to build skills in all strokes.  Personal goals are
    co-developed with the adult and can range from becoming comfortable and relaxed in the water to developing skills in all strokes along with strength and endurance.  Where desired, we can create a training program to help increase both distance and time or even begin to train for tri-athelons. No more than two adults are in these lessons; however, many adults prefer to have their lessons privately.
Sedona Swim School Lessons

Each lesson includes an element of safety instruction, again geared to the level of understanding of the individual. 

  • For preschoolers, we also work towards teaching the child how to paddle to the side and then how to move to a safe exit location.  In the hopes of saving a child’s life, these children practice jumping in and moving themselves to safety, imitating an emergency accident situation. 


  • Older children learn basic safety rules, how and when to call for help, and then eventually simple rescue techniques of reaching and throwing assists.  In the upper levels, they learn how to handle a choking incident and other more advanced safety skills. 

Jane works with everyone individually in private or semi-private (2 people) lessons. Because lessons are private, Jane can give you or your child quality attention and individualized instruction.  All lessons take place in our saline-filtered pool

Lessons are one-half hour in length; however, longer ones can be arranged.  Pricing depends on frequency of lessons and duration of commitment.

Contact us now for pricing and to schedule your lessons. Bring the completed registration form to the first lesson with payment.

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